Credit Repair Services

Credit Repair Program

When you start with Coleman Credit Consulting  we provide an expert, detailed audit of your credit report. We believe this meticulous review is the critical ingredient that makes the difference between superficial results and dramatic credit repair success. You can sign up for our credit repair program with zero upfront fees. Clients rest easy with the peace of mind in knowing that they are paying for results and not broken promises.

Initial Audit Fee – $199.99 Per Person

(One-time fee, charged 5 days after signing up for credit repair services)

Below are the services included in our Initial Audit:

A deletion fee is invoiced for the complete deletion of an item. The deletion fees below are per item and per bureau. The deletion of ANY item from ANY bureau counts as ONE (1) deletion. The deletion of any account or public record from all three credit bureaus counts as THREE (3) deletions. Once you have a balance with us for the items that were deleted, you will be billed no more than $75 a month until your balance is paid off. You will not be required to pay off your balance in full. Example, if there are 6 collections deleted, we will send you an invoice of $300, in which you will be required to pay $75 a month for 4 months.

    • $ 10 PER ITEM - PER BUREAU
    • $ 10 PER ITEM - PER BUREAU
    • $ 50 PER ITEM - PER BUREAU
    • $ 50 PER ITEM - PER BUREAU
    • $ 75 PER ITEM - PER BUREAU
    • $ 75 PER ITEM - PER BUREAU
    • $ 100 PER ITEM - PER BUREAU
    • $ 100 PER ITEM - PER BUREAU

Social Media and Referral Credits

As an added bonus, a client can be awarded $25 credits towards their credit deletions invoice for ‘every social media testimony or review given about your experience with us at Coleman Credit Consulting. No worries we will even provide you with the social media links to assist with your credits.

Social Media Credits $25 - Maximum 2 Social Media Credits per Invoice

Client Referrals $25 - Unlimited Client Referral Credits per Invoice


What is an Authorized User Tradeline?

An authorized user account is a credit card account which has been opened by the primary cardholder for an additional user. Adding a person as an authorized user usually but does not necessarily mean there is an extra credit card issued. Some personal information may be required in order to be added as an authorized user on an account. However the holder/owner of the account does not have to provide the user their private info if they choose not to. This account is many times reported to the credit bureaus by the issuing banks. Reporting history is subject to change according to each card issuing institution as well as the credit bureaus own internal rules and guidelines.

Why should I consider buying a Authorized User Tradeline?

You should consider buying a Authorized User Tradeline so your able to “piggyback” and rebuild your credit. Piggybacking is a credit building tactic that allow a person who is trying to build credit to “piggyback” onto the credit history of someone who already has excellent credit. This is done via the use of authorized user accounts. the person with the excellent credit history would add the person who is trying to build credit onto their credit card as an authorized user. This action alone causes the entire history of the account to be reported as a tradeline on the credit report of the person trying to build the credit. This added excellent credit history allows the person wanting to build credit to realize score improvements of 100 points or more depending on the strength of the original credit line used.

Authorize User Tradeline Inventory List

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that you will be pleased with our services, our warranty clearly states that if your credit report does not have an improvement within 30 days from the time we receive your verifying documents and initial payment, you are entitled to a 100% Money Back Warranty of your Enrollment Fees. No Questions Asked.

Schedule your Free Consultation with us today, and one of our Credit Coaches will explain the cost, timeline and process of everything that we can do for you.